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Discus Holdings has carved a niche as a beacon of hope and possibility for those looking to broaden their horizons through residency or citizenship by investment. Our team of dedicated experts specialises in residence and second citizenship planning, financial planning, and tax consulting, providing a comprehensive suite of services designed to guide you seamlessly through your emigration journey.

Why Should You Choose Our Team?

  • We offer unparalleled expertise in emigration services and tax planning, which positions us as leaders in our field.
  • We pride ourselves on having no hidden fees or commissions, ensuring clarity and trust throughout our service delivery.
  • Our commitment is to offer support before, during, and after our services, ensuring you are well-prepared and informed at every stage.
  • Beyond the paperwork, we provide vital assistance with adaptation, tax, and financial consulting to integrate you smoothly into your new life.


Unlock Global Opportunities with Citizenship by Investment

For South Africans dreaming of global mobility and international opportunities, citizenship by investment programs are a gateway to a world of possibilities. From visa-free travel and lucrative business ventures to access to superior education and healthcare systems, these programs offer a golden chance to expand your personal and professional life. At Discus Holdings, we specialise in guiding our clients through the intricate landscape of investment programs, offering bespoke advice tailored to each individual’s aspirations and circumstances.

How To Gain Global Citizenship Through Investment

  1. Real Estate Investment: A popular option that allows flexibility in purchasing property for personal or business use, and in some cases, contributing to government-endorsed projects.
  2. Business Investments: Ideal for entrepreneurs and business owners looking to blend investment goals with obtaining second citizenship, this option focuses on creating job opportunities in the host country.
  3. Donations: A straightforward path to citizenship, requiring a financial contribution without the expectation of a direct financial return, simplifying the process.
  4. Government Bonds: Investing in government bonds offers a secure pathway to citizenship, typically holding the investment for a predetermined period.

Discus Holdings South Africa is more than just a consulting agency. We are your partners in unlocking a future filled with potential and prosperity. Contact us today to start your journey towards global citizenship and discover a world of opportunities waiting for you.

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