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Health and beauty are our main concerns at EWC Mediwellness Centre. Since we understand that it is difficult to always take care of yourself when managing a busy, daily schedule, we want to give our clients the opportunity to take better care of their skin, body and overall health again. Our treatments are advanced and we make use of all the latest products and equipment at our clinic in Bellville. We have been in existence since 2005 and have aided many clients in regaining their health, or finally achieving their body goals.

Our beauty therapists are trained and qualified to make use of our equipment and to perform our state of the art treatments. To regain control over your body image, health, or the condition of your skin, be sure to get in touch with our team. Our treatments will allow you to once again lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

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Our services

At EWC Mediwellness Centre we have a wide range of treatments available, specifically aimed at treating specific symptoms or problems. All our treatments are comfortable and 100% safe and are known to show results, which are sometimes visible after only one session.

Our treatments include:

  • Body: we offer a range of renowned body contouring treatments, including Fat Freezing, Endermologie, Patricia Clarke Body Wraps, etc.
  • Skin: our skin treatments include aesthetic treatments like collagen correction and skin tightening; we also offer a range of anti-ageing treatments.
  • Health: with our treatments like Ozone Steam Spa and Slender Wonder, you can regain your health.

For questions about any one of our treatments, or to book your sessions, contact us today!


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