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Our NB Hearing team of audiologists are highly qualified and skilled individuals with a passion for hearing health! Optimal hearing health is an important aspect to physical, mental and emotional well being.  Unfortunately, statistics show that those that suspect they may have hearing loss take on average 7 years to have their hearing assessed. Treating a hearing problem earlier rather than later leads to a better prognosis, easier treatment plan and a better quality of life for individuals who struggle with hearing. Prevention is better than cure but in the case of hearing loss, early intervention is better than late or no intervention.

Many people are often in denial about their hearing loss and avoid seeking medical attention or treatment to avoid the stigma of being impaired or having to wear a hearing device. NB Hearing is passionate about hearing and together with their patients, find the best solution or therapy for their hearing needs.

What does NB Hearing offer?

  • Hearing Tests
  • Hearing Aids
  • Hearing Problems
  • Hearing Aid Repairs
  • Hearing Aid Fittings
  • Hearing Protection Devices
  • Tinnitus Management

NB Hearing

What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is best described as a ringing, buzzing or whistling sensation within the ears. Tinnitus can be an underlying hearing problem or caused due to an illness. With proper management, Tinnitus sufferers can live a better quality of life. Our audiologists are specifically trained to assist those who suffer from Tinnitus. Those that suffer from this condition should know that relief is possible as patients can learn to cope with the symptoms. As treatment will differ from person to person, we recommend that you contact us for an assessment before treatment can be discussed.

Make an appointment with one of our audiologists so that together solutions can be investigated to manage Tinnitus better. Get in touch with us today!

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