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To get business leads form your website, it is important that your website is SEO’d for the best results. Online SEO offers professional and strategic SEO solutions that are known for showing the desired results. We have worked on several clients’ websites over the years and have managed to get many of our clients to number one on search engine results. If you wish to become number one, you can rely on our company to do the necessary SEO work.

We are a close team with extensive experience in all things SEO. It is our aim to get each of our clients ahead of their competitors online, thereby providing you with a non-stop sales lead. We are another proud brand of the extensive digital marketing company that is Cape Business Online.

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With in-depth experience in all things related to SEO, Online SEO is a preferred service provider in the industry and we have aided numerous clients in improving their search engine rankings. We are a passionate and hardworking team, so clients can have complete confidence in our ability to get your business ahead of its competitors. As we know, every business has unique requirements, which is why we offer assorted SEO packages to choose from.

We have 3 packages on offer:

  • Package 1 – with 10 targeted keywords and all the necessary services for effective SEO includes, this package is recommended for start-ups, SMME’s, and smaller companies. Social media services are excluded.
  • Package 2 – with 15 keywords, along with digital marketing support like social media management, this option is suitable for any business that wants to achieve results with SEO, especially medium sized companies.
  • Package 3 – with an unlimited number of keywords on offer, along with comprehensive digital marketing services, this is our most extensive SEO package. Companies of all sizes, especially larger ones, will benefit from these services.

If you want to find out more about how SEO can benefit your business, do yourself a favour and visit our website.

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