About Peace of Afrika

Peace of Afrika forms part of the local Mint Clothing brand. Under this brand, we offer a wide selection of African-inspired items for clients to take a piece of Africa home with them. All products have been sourced and manufactured locally and we are therefore also creating awareness of the high quality products and talented craftsmen that our country has to offer.

Our product range includes cotton knits, leather bags and satchels, and handmade leather footwear. The leather footwear is very popular and we offer vellies, boots and Nguni shoes in a variety of styles and colours.

Our products:

At Peace of Afrika, clients can find the following unique items:

  • Cotton Knits
  • Nguni Products
  • Bags & Satchels
  • Vellies for Men, Women & Kids
  • Leather Boots for Men, Women & Kids

If you want some more information on any of the items we offer, or you would like to know at which market you can find us, you are welcome to have a look at our website or to contact our team. To start shopping, simply go to our online store and find all your favourite items. Once your order is placed and confirmed, your items will be delivered to you.

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