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As a brand synonymous with quality, we provide leading solutions for access control and time and attendance monitoring. Simplex Time Recorders has years of industry experience, which affords us the expertise to supply the best systems, from devices and software to installation.

We strive for continuous innovation to provide systems that help improve business management. Our systems help businesses lessen resource waste and improve processes by mitigating time fraud, privilege abuse, and payroll miscalculations. Formalise your time management rules with help from our specialists.

Why choose Simplex?

At Simplex Time Recorders, our products and services are offered with unsurpassed quality and value. As the oldest time and attendance company In South Africa, we have the know-how to actively provide our clients with the best. We also offer customisable software to better suit our systems to your unique business needs.

Our product selection

Our team understands the complexity of time and attendance and access control systems. As a result, we can assist you in deciding what will work best for your company needs. From desktop software solutions to cloud-based systems for on the go management – we have it all!

Our device range offers a diverse selection, from mechanical time recorders to more technologically advanced biometric solutions that utilise unique characteristics for more accurate authorisation. We also provide all necessary installation products to ensure that you can fulfil all your needs easily.

Want more information on our systems? Feel free to visit our website or contact our dedicated specialists.

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