Get Sustainable Energy with Voltage Renewable Energy

Voltage Renewable Energy is an innovative and reliable renewable energy provider in Cape Town. We are committed to empowering homeowners and businesses alike with advanced solar energy systems. Our comprehensive range of systems, from grid-tied to off-grid and a hybrid solar power system, alongside our unparalleled UPS systems, ensures that your transition to renewable energy is seamless, efficient, and tailored to your specific needs.

Why Choose Voltage Renewable Energy?

We understand that each client’s energy needs are unique, and we provide scalable installations designed to accommodate both present and future demands. Whether you’re powering a small home or a large commercial enterprise, our solutions grow with you. Our diligent team also ensures market-leading energy alternatives that set a high standard for innovation and reliability in the industry.

More About Our Solar Solutions

Grid-Tied Solar Power: Ideal for those who wish to benefit from solar energy while maintaining a connection to the national electricity grid for backup purposes. Our grid-tied systems offer the perfect balance between sustainability and reliability, ensuring you have energy when you need it.

Off-Grid Solar Power: For those seeking complete independence from the national grid, our off-grid solutions provide self-sufficient renewable energy, allowing for an autonomous living experience. We design and implement systems that cater to your unique energy requirements.

Hybrid Solar Power: Combining the best of both worlds, our hybrid systems integrate solar energy, grid connection, and battery storage. This multifaceted approach ensures a consistent electrical flow, providing energy supply flexibility and peace of mind.

UPS Systems: Protect your home or business operations during load shedding with robust UPS systems. Known for their reliability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, our backup power solutions are essential for keeping your devices safe and your activities uninterrupted.


Installation Excellence

The backbone of a successful shift to alternative energy lies in professional installation. Our skilled team works closely with you to ensure that every aspect of the installation is perfectly aligned with your needs and preferences. We are also well-versed in the latest standards and regulations and will guide you through the necessary procedures and inspections to keep your system up to code.

Are you ready to make the switch to renewable energy? Contact our team to discuss our grid-tied, off-grid, or hybrid solar power system solutions.

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